You Can’t Count Out Newspapers

You are not conscious about design until you are forced to scrutinize it. It reminds me of viewing the world through pink glass: everything looks the same; there is no individuality or thought. But when the glass shatters, you can’t help but notice how much thought went into each little piece.
Last semester, I took GRA 217, and for the entire semester, I scanned, analyzed and critiqued design of various forms in various ways. One month has passed, and I still look at a magazine for its visuals; I still critique a website for its layout. But even though I am now hyperaware of graphic design in the world now, I am still learning more and more about the experience graphic design creates.
In GRA 587, Claudia said that graphic design goes into everything, even newspapers. Yes, this was something I was aware of, but nothing I actively thought about. There is actually a great deal of visual influence that goes into designing a newspaper: from how large to run the photo, to the typeface and font size, to the number of articles on each page. All of these elements add to and enhance the reader’s experience in ways that I have never really thought about. Now, when I read the newspaper, for fun, for class, I will also be “reading” the visuals of the paper.