I must say I’m more than excited and a little anxious about the class, but mostly feeling positive emotions by reading all the “Lessons Learned” posts and the two lectures delivered so brilliantly by Prof. Strong. The classes and interactions till now have truly been an absorbing process for me (and I hope this continues throughout the semester) where I feel lucky to have been surrounded by the virtual presence of talented peers and my classmates who have some really good design thinking going on in their minds.

All the posts of the “Lessons Learned” are so encouraging and have alleviated my stress level since I do not come from a background of print design but having an undergrad degree in Architecture which has kept the engine of design thinking in motion. Keeping in mind all the tips & lessons outlined right from following a grid to maintaining deadlines and just choosing a topic you love, the one lesson I  connected with was when Singdhi Sokpo expresses the emotions she had at the very beginning of the semester but also highlighting her experiences through the semester by mentioning the other lessons learned. I think it is crucial to mention the ride of emotions one would go through, over the semester since it is a design PROCESS at the end of the day. I also believe in having a calm and positive state of mind to make critical design decisions and choices.

I also agree with Liz White who very rightly talks about the significance of that publication which each one of us will hold in our hands at the end of the semester, our very own publication.

Last but not least I also agree with Colton Madore on the amount of freedom we are already exercising in terms of making every decision for this prototype by ourselves. I think this freedom of making choices is going to allow us to evolve into attentive, sensitive and responsible designers!

Indeed, it has been very insightful to know so many tips and learnings that warns us about the approaches we should take so that we can make most of this class and gain some invaluable learnings from Prof.Strong.


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  1. Such a thoughtful response, Ishita. I’m so glad the advice of previous students helped reassure you and provided useful wisdom. That was the point. : )

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