Alan Taylor Jr | Advice + Lessons For the Next Gen

Welcome to the best class that you will ever take at Newhouse. Publication Design is one of those classes that will push you beyond your limits and make you think. Here’s a list of recommended things you’ll need to survive this class:

  1. Coffee
  2. Coffee
  3. Coffee
  4. and more COFFEE!!!!

But don’t over do it because sleeping is important too. To help out the next generation of Publication Design students out, I’ve listed some advice and lessons that they should take into consideration.

Advice to Live By:

  • Experiment, Experiment, and Experiment some more. Don’t be afraid or lazy to experiment with different designs. Having one solid design is not always a good thing especially when you get ready to design the layouts for your magazine, book, or newspaper. Sketch out 10 or more designs, so that you have that variety, and you’re not just settling for whatever comes to your mind first.
  • Ask for Help. If you have questions about a particular issue your having, don’t be afraid to talk to Professor Strong. She loves it when students ask her questions. That’s one thing that I wish that I would have done more because the advice that she will give you will benefit a lot. When I asked her for help with my book, the advice Professor Strong gave me helped the development of my book. So please ask her QUESTIONS!!!
  • Office Hours: Make use of her office hours. Meeting with Professor Strong during her office hours is the best decision you’ll ever make. If I didn’t meet with Professor Strong during her office hours, I don’t know if my book would have looked as great as it does now.

What Did I learned:

  • Don’t Settle For Less
  • Time Management is critical when it comes to this class, so DON’T PROCRASTINATE!!!
  • Simplicity can be your friend if you let it.


Alan Taylor Jr.

My real name is Alan Taylor Jr., but I go by the name Alan Junior. I was born in raised in the City of Rochester. I am currently in enrolled in graduate school at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. My major is Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism. I have a strong passion for graphic design, photography, videography, traveling, filming, and storytelling. One question that's asked by everyone is, is there a story behind the number 10? The story behind the number 10 is... When most people see my name for the first time, they don't realize that the "X" represents the number 10.