Alan Taylor Jr – Reflection: Lessons Learned

When it comes to design, especially graphic design, I have always had a strong passion for it. Being able to communicate a message into visuals has always been something of interest. I’ve been a graphic designer for a couple of years now, but I feel like I’m still brand new to the world of graphic design. I think there’s still so much to graphic design that I need to learn, so I’m always ready to face whatever challenges are in my way. Being able to take another graphic design course will a lot more doors for me.

Being able to read the advice from the previous class before me, it has given me insight into what it will take to succeed. A couple of things that I learned:

1.) Experiment: From experience, I know that experimenting is the absolute way to go. Don’t be afraid to branch outside of your comfort zone will help you and lead you to new and exciting ideas. I have also experiment when it can to a lot of my designs, and I have never been disappointed. Experimenting and be creative is what art is all about.

2.) Talk to your professor: Don’t be afraid to ask a question when you don’t understand or know an answer. Throughout my college career, I always found it helpful when I went to my professor for help. When you’re struggling with a project in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, don’t be afraid to go to your professor and say, “Professor, can you please give me advice on how I should approach this design.” Your best feedback will come from your teacher and others around you. Your professor wants you to succeed, and you should want that too.

3.) Criticism: You should always be willing to take criticism from other students. That feedback you get from you classmates will help you to improve. If you ever get stuck, step back and ask a friend to take a look at your design. I’ve always found it helpful when I asked friends to look at my work. The feedback that they gave me helped me to push my design even further.

Alan Taylor Jr.

My real name is Alan Taylor Jr., but I go by the name Alan Junior. I was born in raised in the City of Rochester. I am currently in enrolled in graduate school at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. My major is Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism. I have a strong passion for graphic design, photography, videography, traveling, filming, and storytelling. One question that's asked by everyone is, is there a story behind the number 10? The story behind the number 10 is... When most people see my name for the first time, they don't realize that the "X" represents the number 10.