Blog Assign. 1

Something that really struck me in class is the importance of both journalism and the design that conveys it. In news design, I do not think one is more important than the other. Yes, obviously most people open up a newspaper or magazine to read a particular article, but I think it is the design elements that really push the viewer to actually want to read an article. As a designer, I know I have read certain articles that may have not originally interested me by it’s topic but by the design elements that stood out to me to make the article intriging to read.

After reading some of my classmates responses, I noticed many of them commenting on how important design is to their articles. Being a designer, I like hearing that journalists also care and think design is important. In order to design for news, it has dawned on me that it is extremely important that the designer read and understand the content he/she is designing for. This will not only make it easier for him/her to come up with a unique design but will allow the designer to understand why a certain design element should be chosen over another.