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I come from a public speaking background and thought I would continue my life working in the oral side of communication. Well, things change, and plans rarely work out. After getting accepted into Newhouse last year, I fell in love with the written word. I found it amazing how words didn’t have to be spoken to have an impact, if you were a true writer, your words could make an impact on many more people than with the spoken word. Then, in what I thought was going to be a magazine class, we were asked to put our articles in a magazine layout. As we learned in our first GRA587 class the written word needs to be presented… and that presentation comes with a responsibility to illustrate the content with truthful and thoughtful decision making.

From the first class, I found out that there is more to design then knowing how use InDesign and having creative ideas. It is about taking your viewer into consideration  and informing them through art. But there is a  method to the madness. Design is content, but it is organized and communicated so that the viewers can react to the ideas. It adds another dimension to the written word, but still holds a high sense of responsibility.

Before this class I didn’t realize how many rules there were to follow in design. I am interested to learn about them, how to use them correctlly, and how to add power to the words I (and others) will write. From my background I understand the talent it takes to present things in order to impact an audience, and now I want to master the art of this side of presentation….design.


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  1. Thanks, Ashli, for your thoughtful post. This line made me smile:

    “Before this class I didn’t realize how many rules there were to follow in design.”

    You have no idea …

    : )

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