Choosing the Right Cover

“The right design can be a major boon for sales.” The article above discusses the frustrating process of choosing the final design for the cover of a book, as there can only be one design in the end, and… Continue Reading


Instagram on ‘The New York Times Cover’

Hey all, I came across this article on Poynter briefly discussing The Times’ use of Instagram on its A1. It’s very short and provides links to other articles discussing the subject and if it is appropriate. It quickly covers the topics… Continue Reading


What’s Next?: Creativity in a Government Mandated Territory

BBC News – Q&A China’s Newspaper Industry   American media (newspapers, radio, television, etc.) is able to thrive because of the diversity of content that they are free to produce, protected by the 1st Amendment. We forget, however, that in… Continue Reading


What’s Next – Catching Readers’ Attention with a Re-design I discovered a really awesome Portuguese newspaper startup called “i” that was launched sometime in 2009. The design is absolutely beautiful – extremely eye catching, lots of color, and a really unique use of space. Here are a few… Continue Reading