WIRED | Field Notes | Language + Typography

Featured image by Raphael Schiller from Unsplash.com As a whole, WIRED’s textual aesthetic is sophisticated. I believe WIRED maintains this aesthetic in its typefaces, both serif and sans serif, to counter the unusual content, vivid language and overall fantastical tone contained… Continue Reading


Our darling “i” not only was deemed a World’s Best-Designed paper yesterday, it was the only paper that managed to do so. Usually, several papers win the distinction, which is designated by secret ballot and must be unanimous. There’s lot… Continue Reading


From http://www.innovationsinnewspapers.com On January 19, 2009, I (one of the members of the think tank that helped found “i”) wrote this INNOVATION “Manifesto” to the editors of “i”. On May 7, you will see if we have done what I… Continue Reading