Caz Panel Brief


Our panel discussion at Cazenovia featured a group that represented the demographics of the town well – mostly married, white, middle class families that live in farms or single homes. The town had a close-knit friendly vibe, and it was clear that most 8,000+ that reside there care about local issues. There was a clear sense of community pride. In fact, many said that in a local paper they’d like no mention of national news unless it concerned the town in some way. Many issues revolve around children, such as the school system and activities/plays around town. There would be a care for news concerning money issues or housing too, as many people own or work at small businesses in town. The nearby Cazenovia College provides plenty of discussion, as there are apparent issues with its attempt to expand. Many residents attend community events, including a speaker series, and book clubs are also popular. Outdoors activities are popular as well.


I am proposing a weekly broadsheet that focuses on news, exploring the residents of Cazenovia, and information and stories on sports and local events. It would be aimed at the adult crowd, with information concerning education and school events. There would also be feature profiles weekly of an intriguing resident, since many readers seem to deeply care about Cazenovia’s characters. There would be a news section broken into two parts, village and town news. The village news would focus more on local businesses and stories in the heart of Cazenovia, and the town news would have a wider, broader range of the surrounding area. There would a series of articles concerning issues with Cazenovia College’s expansion. The paper would come out on Friday and be a weekend read, since many said they have little time during the week but still read newspapers on Sunday. I’m also considering a large page with upcoming weekend events, but not in a dull simple list format. This page would have to be bold and draw the reader in, with large pictures accompanying a neat, clear listing, as many readers would rely on it for community events. The paper would have a more casual but still traditional broadsheet feel, something like the paper my field notes are on, The KC Star. I’d have a logo for the Caz College series that would run in the body of the article’s text as well. The sports section would focus on hiking, kayaking, and other outdoors news, as well as local and school sports. With a population heavily invested in its community, this paper would provide a good weekend read of what they desire – local news, event description and notification, and ways to explore the outdoors around Cazenovia.