Color -Times of Oman

  • Nameplate is red with white text
  • They use red throughout—both the bright red of the nameplate (for small graphic elements) and a darker red (for jumps and little text.)
  • Headlines/body copy/rules are all black
  • Top of most pages as well as smaller headlines are a light bluish-grey
  • Use different colors to delineate different content. Instead of the blue-grey used for more political sections, the “market” section, which is about the economy, as well as the round-up section is in a light orange.
  • The sports section pages are headed by light blue section heads.
  • The Life and Style section, which includes “extra,” “entertainment” and “find-it-all,” falls under pastel green section heads.
  • The “connect” section includes the “daily guide” and is led by pale yellow section heads.
  • Every section is led with a mini name plate in a color that matches the section heads that follow but is a little brighter.

Setting each major section in different colors tells readers that they will be experiencing different content and therefore have different emotions or gain different types of knowledge from each section. Giving each section a mini nameplate also serves to set that particular section apart from the rest of the paper. Changing only the section heads, but keeping the blue-grey mini headlines as well as little splashes of red throughout the paper keeps everything consistent. So as a reader I can tell that I’m in a new section, but the section still feels as though it belongs to this particular paper.

The only time I’ve seen text that is not black or white is with the promos on the first page. Each promo starts with the section in which you can find the story written in the same dark red as the jumps. Everything used consistently are in shades of the same red and blue-grey. This keeps the Times of Oman to a strict color palette that works well together and gives the magazine a sense of unity. It seems like it belongs together.

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Kassie Brabaw