Welcome to your Publication Design course blog.

This is where we’ll keep the conversation going beyond our time together at Newhouse and where you can find pertinent course materials as well as inspiration and examples from past years. It’s up to you to make this blog a vibrant, relevant watering hole by posting your own thoughts, findings and lessons learned and commenting on those of others;  you also will post your field notes entries here so we can all benefit from your individual discoveries and insights. I’ll provide details about that in class as we move along. Meanwhile, a quick tour of the site and your first blog assignment:

Where posts live. Please tag and categorize each of your posts. I have gotten the tag/categories lists started, but feel free to add as you see fit (in all caps, please). And please create a child category under Field Notes (if there isn’t one already) for the publication you’ve chosen to follow. If you have trouble, let me know and I’ll create one.

View the course syllabus and download a PDF.

Here’s where I’ll post the assignments you’ll apply to the publication you chose to study. This is not, however, where you post or find field notes entries. You must create a new post on the Home page.

And this is where your occasional blog assignments will live.

Read on for your first blog assignment.

Read the post below: LESSONS LEARNED – FROM THE PUBLICATION DESIGN CLASS OF 2019. It’s definitely worth reading if you want to know what’s about to hit you and how to make the most of the next 15 weeks in this course. When you’re done, write a post of your own on something you read there that made an impression. Please don’t forget to categorize and tag the post, selecting as many labels as apply. If you’ve never worked with WordPress or blogging software, please see me during office hours this week.

This is due Sunday, Jan. 19, at 5 p.m. 


Prof. Claudia