Cover Field Notes: Wired Tablet

Wired has a different feel for the cover each month using interactive features unique to each month’s design. Some of the tablet covers show the titles of the articles dropping in, some have a simple image with no text, others are only typography and one even let the viewer scroll through a cover scene of a collage of Disney and Pixar characters and employees. While the animation captivates the viewer, the headlines are less important when viewing the cover live but are very important when viewing it on the iPad Newsstand and in Wired monthly library. A grid was set for each issue but one standard grid was not kept since each cover is

The January issue used hierarchy by having “Fast” pop in, then “Loud” then “And Mostly True” in white followed by the yellow type and finally the authors and issue number organizing what to read first. The December issue had each section slowly fade in in a similar way but was more dark and mysterious. The role of the dark visual compared to the bright vivid colors and girl in the January edition created a completely different feel. Of the six covers shown, my favorite is the interactive November cover that allows the viewer to discover each character on her own and a button to show the names come up to more easily identify the characters from new movies, some in which I did not recognize.

photo 2photo.PNG
The October cover used the name Wired to incorporate Wrong Theory using the theme Design Issue as a play on the layout which used red to command attention and all popped in at once.Wired also has a DesignLife issue that had a less successful cover that was less clever and failed to express the same smart thinking as the others. Finally, the September cover had a more serious tone with no words except Patriot Act Sep 2014 in the corner since the powerful image on man with flag representing September 11th said enough with only the side bar subtly animated. Each of these styles have a different feel but the name plate is consistant to keep readers engaged and loyal.