Design is Power

“In good design, nothing is random.” 

Professor Strong said this to us on the first day of class, and for some reason it stuck out to me.

In the past, when designing something, I may have thought that adding a random embellishment or design element would help bring my project together or add another layer of intrigue for the viewer. But in all actuality, design is meant to have an effect on the viewer by exuding valuable content. That’s why design is power. We see it everywhere, we always have, and our eyes are forced to have a reaction to it, whether we consciously register that or not. If random elements were added into a solid design idea, it would serve to do nothing but distract us from the importance of the visuals. That’s something I need to remember going forward in this class, as well as in any future design projects.

Less is more—if I can portray a message without the aid of extraneous visuals, the design will be that much more powerful.