Design Trends for 2014

Gizmodo – “14 Design Trends for 2014”

A reproduced post from the website “The Industry,” it examines what one author believes to be the design trends that we’ll see explored in 2014. While some of these “14” are geared more specifically to app design, the trends can be related to news design as well, especially as publications are looking at either creating or improving their digital presence. Some of the highlights, which I think are notable, are “3. Layers and Depth within Apps,” “7. Experimenting with Transitions,” and “11. Single-Use Pages.” When creating a good design it’s important to gather inspiration and trends from as many sources as possible. Looking at the way Apps are going to be designed could provide unique and innovative ideas for news design as well.

14 Design Trends – Gizmodo

Digital Longform Storytelling

The success of “Snowfall” a digital longform story produced by The New York Times has spurred interest in the new layout amongst publications. As other publications bring their own digital longform stories online, The New York Times has announced plans to release an entire magazine filled with these types of stories. “Snowfall” was one of the first to fully utilize video, photo, audio, and print into a new and compelling format. The Verge also has released a digital longform story “Inside the Mind of a Fanboy” that takes the process a step further and customizes the experience based on the operating system used by the reader. It’s this kind of innovation and customization that I think will be seen more in the future as more news outlets adopt this form of digital storytelling.

Article about Upcoming New York Times Digital Magazine

Interview and Info about “Inside the Mind of a Fanboy”

“Inside the Mind of a Fanboy”


USA Today Redesign

USA Today Redesign – video link

USA Today Website

USA TODAY: This redesign is innovative as it brings the feel of a tablet, interactive interface normally found on only touch-screen devices and brings it to the website. There seems to be roughly 3 categories for news design – print, web, and mobile. While print won’t be able to mimic the web and mobile designs wholly, bringing the similarities between web and mobile as close together as possible is something that I think is important and innovative.

New York Times Redesign

New York Times Website Article

Information about the Redesign

NEW YORK TIMES: I’ve included two links above, the first an article from the New York Times website and the second a closer look at the redesign and why some of the choices were made/a better overview of the changes. New York Times is still considered the gold standard for news by many people. This redesign, as evidenced by my other examples listed above, is focused on the marriage between tablet/mobile and web. It creates a unified experience that flows better. If I read an article in the morning on my computer and then continue on my commute to school/work there is no jarring disconnect between designs.


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