Entertainment Weekly-Color

Overview: For color I noticed that Entertainment Weekly uses a lot. Their reason for this is because they have so much content that they need to make sure that it stands out, they use every page to its fullest and want to ensure that nothing gets lost. But the problem with this method is that sometimes things do get lost, with the amount of colors that are being used, some overpower others. I was not able to find any PDF with their color palette but I noticed the some of the main colors that they use are Red, and a Heavy Black for most of their content, favoring bold typefaces. For their sections, they consistently stick to  Green, Purple, Red and a Bright Blue.

Pattern: I noticed that they have consistency in the chaos of the amount of colors that they use. When they have a color that does not really correlate with the rest of the magazine featured in the cover, they use it for either with the captions, or pull quotes. I think that it is really interesting when they decide to put colors together that do not really go together. While going through their TV section I saw that the used a bright pink to make sure that the time for the show stood out.And for their smaller pieces that were in between the larger columns they used a bright neon yellow to make the page stand, so that it did not get lost.











Effect: I think that the effect of the magazine goes with the overall tone of entertainment. It offers at the reader a way to go to the bright colors and see the pieces that would not usually be something that stood out. They use the color in a way that puts that information front and center. I noticed that they also use it for some of their other features that are not as large as the cover story, as a way to make sure that they are still noticed by their audience. Which not only shows that the story is still important, but also makes the reader stop to process it.











Meaning to the Reader: I think that the use of color that Entertainment uses adds to the readers experience. Entertainment covers many topics in Hollywood, but  instead of “flashing lights” it has “flashing colors.” The magazine has so many different components that are brought out by color, it makes the reader take a step back to analyze everything that is going on. Which is something that may have been lost if they did not go with bold colors. But I think that there is a way to still use bright colors but in a more cohesive way when it comes to making the smaller pieces in the magazine stand out.