Esquire – Images

Esquire magazine uses illustrations, images (both planned and candids), along with graphics such as infographics. However, their main visual point is made through images. IMG_3623

Almost every Esquire issue has had an image on their cover. However, typography can be surrounding or cutting through the image as the most February 2016 issue does with Donald Trump’s cover. Once inside, each article and even sidebars have an image or an illustration.

IMG_3625Also, most of their images are in the shapes of squares or rectangles, for the exception of small blurbs of quotes which are accompanied with the circular image of the person who said it and the occasional silhouetted image. Inside the articles, images stand on their own meaning that no typography is used to cut through it.

IMG_3630Images are offered in a variety because some of them can take up whole pages with no words surrounding them, while others will have some typography in the white space of the image. Other images will be featured in different corners of the pages on their own, while others will be in clusters.

IMG_3629The types of images also vary from solemn ones to quirky and fun ones. You’ll also have images of personalities that don’t really make much sense and will show only the pocket of the person or a hand as they hold a microphone. They also vary in between in color and being black and white.

IMG_3624In terms of their illustrations, they vary in style. Some of them could be pencil drawn and simple doodles to full, colorful and crowded illustrations to match the style of the article that accompanies it. Like the pictures, they can go from being small doodles in the corner to taking up half a page or a complete one. Graphics are more consistent with each other than the illustrations and the images. They will use similar colors through the same issue and they will take up from half the page to the complete page.IMG_3628