Esquire -Language

 Esquire magazine’s language is very bold. The language and tone of the magazine are bold.  There is a lot of sarcasm and commands within the magazines especially on the cover with the headlines. The headlines often times than not will have a curse word within it. The magazine seems to hold nothing back in the stories they pick and how the present the stories. The headlines aim to gain a reaction out of the audience.

 Esquire uses often use pull quotes for their feature stories placing it on a full spread photo. These pull quotes seem to make the readers think, question or have a reaction towards the story before reading it. They use pull quotes to grab and gain reactions from readers mostly.

Esquire’s headlines are very bold. They are commanding and sound like guy talk. They have no boundaries when it comes to their headlines. They have no restrictions in their headlines and it seems to be a signature for them. They challenge their audience. Esquire is asking their audience if they are bold enough to read the magazine. For example, the headline to the right is challenge and call to their manly audience prompting them to think as to whether they are bold enough to learn about a penis transplant.  This bold and blunt language is without failure consistently in the magazine.

Esquire tends to use captions with ease. They use them below their photos and anything with a visual to help their audience along. They state what a person is wearing, how much it costs, etc. They use it as references and only use them when it is necessary.The Bylines are prompts but they are also straightforward and rarely occur within each issue. They mostly acknowledge important people to the features. Like the Bylines, promos and section names are easy to understand and straight forward. The language in this magazine is blunt, bold, and easy making it perfect for a man.