Esquire Magazine-Field Notes #1-Space

Format: Esquire is a monthly men’s lifestyle magazine. The page count for Esquire varies depending upon the month and the type of content in the publication for that particular month. Typically, the page count is between 90-120 pages. This works for this publication because it provides men with less words to read and it gets straight to the point. It tells men what they need to know in a sleek and efficient manner. Thus, this layout and design helps for the audience to clearly understand the content. Its dimensions are as follows:

Grids: The margins for esquire depends upon the content on each page. In typical layouts, the margins on the left and right sides of the pages are 0.75 inch. On the top and bottom of the pages, there is a 0.5 inch margin. Both the top and bottom margins have an accompanying thin line.


The gutters on standard story pages are 0.625. On some pages where the pictures are more important or rather and the text isn’t the sole purpose, the pictures tend to bleed over to the top of the page, bottom of the page, and even into the gutter.

Esquire uses a three column layout for most stories.


For typical features or news stories there are 1-2 pics on each page. On almost every page there is only one story. This helps to make sure that there is no confusion on which picture aligns with the written content. Although on some pages there are multiple pictures and excerpts which are a part of the “fun” content. This helps make this section of the mag entertaining. There is very little white space in this magazine. This works for this publication because it utilizes the small space that it requires to its advantage by filling every page up with content, without it looking crowded or unorganized.