Essence Magazine Furniture

The department fronts in Essence Mag all have a full image the bleed through the entire page. Each front has an image of a solo photo of a black woman, the department name on the top left, and a subhead or preview for an article that highlights the woman featured in the photo. The typeface used in the department headlines are Lust Pro No5 in Italics with a heavy bold weight and all lowercase letters. You can find the department name on the top left of the page.

Essence loved a good collage and you can find these sometimes inside the front of the book or within the a section such as Style or Music for example. The collages usually contain a headline and a sub head summarizing the purpose of the collage. Each featured piece in the collage is separated by a small vertical or horizontal white space. Also, the collage sometimes adds a text box to the layout with a dark black bar on the top to emphasis an important ele

The bylines and credits (a line that acknowledges the writer who created the peace) for each article are in Typograph Pro in Extra Bold.  The byline can be found under the headline and sub-head. The typeface serves as a nice contrast between the sub-head and allows for the byline and credit to stand out.

Overall, Essence Magazine chooses typefaces that keep with the theme of the publication. They’re bold but, not overwhelming; capturing and emphasizing it’s important without using the words to define its purpose.