Fast Company- Furniture

Fast Company doesn’t make use of too much furniture. What they do, use, however, is very small, minimalistic elements that are consistent from page to page when introducing features, for example, to help the reader know where they are without thinking too much. The most consistent of all elements is the small carrot arrow introducing a story in absolutely all their articles. When a story is long, they use it to introduce distinct paragraphs. They also use it to separate other elements in their table of contents.


They also use a very short, thick line between heds and deks in all their articles. This element is usually colored– yellow, pink, bright blue. This provides a nice division and helps the readers make the quick connection between the two. They also use this elements to introduce their pull quotes, and to divide an image and its caption. I think this element is very useful because it quickly tells the reader where to look. In the sea of black and white, it quickly captures one’s attention.IMG_1804

Another element is the colored dot at the top of pages in their FOB and BOB sections. With these little colored dots they tell the readers what specific section they are currently reading, say, Trendspotting, or One More Thing. Overall, I do think they could use more of these furniture elements, but what they do use, they’re really consistent about, and they use it well.