Fast Company—Space

GRA 587 Field Notes
Week 2 | Space
Fast Company

Format | Fast Company is a print publication that publishes 10 issues per year, with an average of 120 full-color pages per issue. Its dimensions are 8¼ by 10 3/8 inches. They also have a tablet magazine available; it’s good that they cater to their tech-savvy audience by providing that platform. Overall I love the design of FC; I think it’s sleek, modern, and makes great use of color.

Grid | Margins: ½ inch on left, right, and bottom. 1 inch margin on the top, in which readers can find the page’s hed / dek. I found articles with between 1 and 3 columns of text to a page. The gutters measure an inch, and the alleys between columns measure a ½ inch each.

Content organization | (based on November 2014 issue)
-Digital column re: FC online
-From the Editor
-FC Media (how to connect with the pub)
-The Recommender (recommendations from in-house writers / editors)
-Next section:
Creative Conversation
Fast Cities
My Way
The Big Idea
Wide Scope
-Features well
-One More Thing (BOB)

Layout & white space | Fast Company leaves white space at the top of each page of content, which is visually appealing. They have the hed / dek in the white space, but leave about two inches blank surrounding it. Most stories get a page each, aside from features (one in the issue I’m looking at is 11 pages, for instance—another is eight, and another is four). The typeface and general layout is consistent, although the design elements differ from page to page. FC features mostly photography and design; I noticed minimal illustration within the issue I perused.