When It’s Time To Move On

The publication I did research on this week was Esquire Magazine. This publication has been a staple in the magazine industry for years, but that also leaves the audience wanting innovation and creativity along the way sooner or later.

Originally when the publication was created in 1932 they had a smiley face head character who was always featured in the masthead. In the spirit of innovation he was removed in the late 70s and early 80s from being featured to elevate and add a bit of sophistication to the magazine. Also, during that time shortly after their logo/wordmark was redone.

Since then not much has changed with the magazine and it’s tablet option is a replica versus being innovative.

Looking at it for inspiration, I do appreciate the fact that it allows its wordmark and typography on the cover to never really follow the rules of grids and barriers as it pertains to photography and incorporating imagery. I would like to work on this as a strive to improve my work in photoshop and indesign.

Lastly, the things that I would take away from this magazine is that although less can really be more, sooner or later you have to change what your meaning of less really is.