Field Notes: Color

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 8.23.49 PM

De Morgen has a red and black color scheme, with the exception of gray decks. The nameplate is red and black, the headlines are black, the cutlines are black, the subheads are red, the pull quotes are red and the rules are red.

The point of mixing up the colors is to show contrast. If the subheads and pull quotes were red, then it wouldn’t distinguish them from the body text. The paper also sometimes uses white for text on top of photos, and it probably does that to emphasize the promos or to make the text easier to read when on top of a photo.

De Morgen uses red to make things stand out. The teasers should be captivating and attention-grabbing, so the red enables them to stick out. Therefore, the red is responsible for engaging the reader, while black is used for the main information, such the articles throughout the publication.  The red is also used to split up certain sections of stories (i.e. subheads). The red does not blend in with the black and makes it easy for the reader to follow. De Morgen also uses red for emphasis (i.e. pull quotes, data included on the side of stories).

Red is a powerful color, but De Morgen uses it well because it doesn’t use too much of it; it just uses it when appropriate: to either help navigate the reader or emphasize certain parts of stories. The black and red throughout the publication looks organized and fit together quite nicely. There is a good amount of both colors.