Field Notes: Images — The Career Code book

In The Career Code, the only images apart from the cover are infographics. The artistic style of the infographics remains consistent, predominantly using boxes and circles to frame information.

In some cases, like for an example email and example resume below, the infographic creates a visual in place of where a photo could work. These infographics work well because they keep the design simple and match the style of the other content, while still providing interest and a break from plain text.

In some spots, small illustrations are used, such as the images of clothing items in the example below. In these illustrations throughout the book, one color is used, and simple lines are used. None of the images are elaborate or multicolored. Their purpose is simply functional to demonstrate examples that the text refers to.

In another example, a circle infographic is used to show information that corresponds to months in a year. It is a creative approach that flows well with the other creative design elements in the book.

On the cover, the only realistic photo is used of a hand holding a business card. While I like the image, there are no other photos used throughout the book, so there is a bit of disconnect.