Field Notes – Inside

The local section of The Dallas Morning News is found on A3 and A4 (and occasionally just A3 for the weekend editions). There is usually one main story with an image and then one to three smaller stories. The number of additional stories is dependent on the ads placed on the page. Sometimes an ad will take up half of the section front and sometimes it will only be ¼ of a page. There is no exact layout for these pages. Some issues are very text heavy and others are filled with ads. The weekday pages usually have more text than the weekend pages.

The section is different from the A1 because there are usually no ads on the front page. There seems to be more white space on the front page as well. Hierarchy is maintained with both pages though. The stories at the top of the pages usually have bigger headlines than the pages at the bottom. Stories range from drug price increases to tattoo culture.

The Dallas Morning News definitely leaves their design techniques for the front page and other front page section. The Metro section is very similar to A1. There is one main story with an image and several smaller stories that maintain the hierarchy. The SportsDay page has several images with minimal text. It also has some ads on the page, but it’s not distracting from the rest of the design.