Field Notes: Público Color

Público’s dominant color is red. The nameplate is always in red, or is used as a reverse with the nameplate in white and the background in red. Red is probably used because red is one of the main colors on the Portuguese flag, so there is a sense of national identity that comes with that.

The teases use red for the headlines and an orange-yellow for the description. This compliments the nameplate but it still bold enough to draw the reader in. The background is a light tan. Smaller teases at the top are done in purple and a blue-green. These highlight stories in the P2 section, which uses a similar color scheme for this section. When a reverse is used, the teases are in black and white so they stand out against the red background.

On the inside, section heads are usually in tan, except in weekend editions when they are done in red. This establishes a hierarchy with the rest of the content on the page. These pages will sometimes include subheads styled in the same way as the A1 teases.

Most headlines are in black and use a larger font size to establish hierarchy. For the more feature-like stories, a headline and a deck are done in red and black. The body text is also done in black. Público generally uses red to accent and draw attention to smaller details on the page. Photo captions are often done in red, and pull quotes are accented by red quotation marks. Drop caps in the opinions section are also red. This helps to draw the readers eye to other important information on the page. Rules are always black. Sidebars use a tan background with yellow and red headlines, just like with the teases. No other colors are used in the basic design of the publication.  Photographs provide extra color, but are not enhanced by matching colored captions or headlines. This simple scheme helps create a stronger color identity throughout the publication and maintain the fresh and clean feel of the paper.