Field Notes: Público Photography

Público has a wide range of photography. Almost every single page has at least one photo, which range from large multi-column to small head shots. The main purpose of the photography in Público is to support the stories they go with and to help balance out the space. Many of the photos show stoic human interaction of speakers and scenes. They tend not to stand on their own very well.

One thing I noticed about Público photography is that even though many of the photos paired with news stories aren’t necessarily engaging, other feature photos really command the attention of the reader. Some of them are very visually interesting and different and push the boundaries of typical news photography.

Portraits are very often used in Público as well. They range from straight-on head shots to environmental portraits.

As shown in three of the top portraits, Público many times places text on the photo. This can include headlines and subheads, as well as the location of the jumps.

Cutouts are also used in Público, though not to that great of an extent. They can usually be found with teases or in sidebars.