Field Notes: Público Typography

The typography of Público is actually very simple and enhances the clean design of the publication.

All the text used in Público is the typeface, Publico. It was actually custom designed by Paul Barnes of Commercial Typeface during the redesign of Público in 2007. (Here’s more information on the font).

What Público does very effectively is use the different styles of the typeface mixed with size and color to establish a visual hierarchy. This really enhances the overall design of the publication. Sticking to the same typeface keeps the publication looking really clean and modern. The fact that it’s a custom font also sets it apart from other newspapers.

Teases and headlines use a bold style to stand out among the body text.

Labels run smaller than headlines, but are given a color and are bolded to differentiate them.

Opinion piece headlines and editorials are italicized.

Pull quotes use a lighter stroke weight but stand out by being underlined by rules and srrouded by large, red quotation marks.