Field Notes 1: Publico

I must say I am quite impressed with Publico’s design. They’re use of color, lines, and blocks really intrigues me. I feel like this is something I often don’t see in U.S. magazines, and the fresh look is impressing. One thing that stood out to me the most is that their design varies from issue to issue. Unlike some other daily newspapers the design doesn’t always have a rectangular image with lines of text. Sometimes the cover image may take up ¾ the page, like the one featuring president Obama. Sometimes the cover image is a circle smack-dap in the middle of the page, an then other times it’s a traditional rectangle image.

I like the idea that the newspaper’s design is structured by it’s content. And if the content better fits in a different layout, why not switch it up for the issue.


Publico’s use of color is extremely striking. They also are flexible with their color palette without managing to scurry off into tacky color combinations.publico-26032012 images (1) POR_PUBL

Chris McPherson