Field Notes: Typography


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The nameplate is in a novelty typeface–it is more quirky and a good preface to what the personality of the magazine is like.  In this case, Wired‘s nameplate is an accurate depiction of both the type of magazine it is and its personality.  The typeface gives a funky, “techy” feeling.


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The publication’s coverlines are in a sans serif typeface.  The larger coverline is uppercase with a bold, red typeface, while the smaller coverlines are a smaller point size, Futura Condensed Bold, uppercase and grey.


Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 3.51.23 PM    Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 3.55.30 PM

The typeface used for the headlines is a custom serif typeface by Studio8 Design.  The headlines are all uppercase, bold, and have the biggest point size of any of the other text elements on the page.  The typeface complements the body copy, giving the publication a sense of “cohesiveness” and making it easier for the reader to read, so to speak.

Subtitles, Decks & Bylines

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The subtitles, decks and bylines are all in the same sans serif typeface.  In order to establish a hierarchy of importance, the subtitles and are uppercase and bold.  The decks are in a smaller typeface and not uppercase, allowing the reader to differentiate them from the subtitles and bylines.  The bylines are in the smallest typeface of the three elements here, but are uppercase and the typeface is slightly more bold than the subtitles.  Using the same typeface for the subtitles, decks and bylines allow the reader to group these elements together and perceive them as all apart of the same story.

Body Copy & Teasers

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The body copy throughout the publication is in Cambria.  The teasers, which are found in the first few pages and/or in the table of contents, are also in Cambria.  While both the body copy and teasers are in the same typeface, weight and size, they differ in color–the body copy is in black typeface and the teasers are in a light grey typeface.