Field Notes – Wired Website

With this field notes, I’ll be looking at Wired Magazine’s website.  For starters, I will compare the website design to the print edition.  The first thing that was obvious to me is that the nameplate stays the same on both mediums.  However, while the website maintains the black and white colors, the magazine is more liberal and will oftentimes use different colors on the nameplate.

I also think that the website design is much more cluttered and disorganized than the magazine layout.  This especially holds true for navigation.  The magazine has a fairly standard setup, allowing the reader to know exactly where to find something.  The table of contents is also organized as well.  However, the website seems very cluttered and different topics and areas are strewn about.

However, for the most part the two mediums give off the same “fun” tone, which make it easy to identify them as being apart of the same publication.

Now I’ll take a look at the websites home page.  As I said before it seems very cluttered.  They try to break up the home page into various parts such as “product gallery” or “brain teaser”, but all of the different parts look the same so it is extremely hard to differentiate between them.

All of the main text stays the standard black, which again makes it difficult to distinguish between two different sections.  Also, the navigation menu is in an awkward place.  It is placed a third of the way down the page, rather that at the top.  I also don’t like the left side of the page, where a bunch of various items are placed.  It just looks like a mix of ads, photos, stories, and videos with no way to distinguish them.

However, I do like the top of the page.  They place the most important/interesting articles right at the top of the page so that people can instantly go to them.

The sections are a little bit better, mostly because they are more organized.  Like the front page, they provide the newest/most important articles right at the top with pictures to that people can easily get to them.  They then simply have a list of the other articles that make it easy to navigate the page.  The left side of the page remained the same.

I will say that the section pages are a little boring, however.

All in all, the website features most of the same content from the magazine, such as cars, gadgets and entertainment.  The typeface for the headlines, body text and captions remain constant throughout the website, which is good in providing a unifying experience.  Videos are used on occasion, and it provides a fresh approach to the standard text.