Field Notes — Words at the Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Star uses a lot of hammers for its headlines. Those hammers are followed by a subhead of sorts that provides a further description of the story — a deck.

Some other times, though, especially on the inside, the paper fills out longer headlines. Obviously, it’s always tough to write a headline on a rail, but there were some stories in which the headline was given four lines on the rail. One word fit on each line, but it was still a lot of space.

Many times with the A1 story, if it is an enterprise, there will be a punchier hammer than a normal, straight news story.

The paper goes with a right align for its byline and credit line. It’s interesting because it makes it easier to skip over to get the story. There’s also no differentiation in how the byline and credit line are stylized between whether it is a Kansas City Star writer or a syndication — they use a lot of New York Times stories.

The promos tend to differ on what the story topic is. There were some that asked a question in the promo, but others summarized a game or a movie review and just gave the page it was on. They’re usually short and to the point, very nut graf-like.

The section and department names are sometimes straightforward, but there’s also some creativity. There’s the customary sports, local, etc. But they do a really good job with a lifestyle page they name “FYI.” The paper is often able to do some very cool things with the section flag for the FYI page, even turning it into an event calendar once a week.