Final Thoughts – My Reflection

As I was reading the Final Thoughts posts I was looking for something that really put into words my own thoughts about design, both the issues I have with it and what I want to see done in the future. The one point that stood out above the rest was to be innovative. It seems like we’re living in a time when everyone is rethinking their design ideas and what works. Stores are trying to follow the Apple model of clean lines and a minimalistic approach and that same concept, which is seen in Apple gadgets, is bleeding over into design as well. So many newspapers – web, print, and tablet – are cutting down on the excess fat and delivering an experience that is clean and simple to use, and above all fast to read.

There’s a cultural mindset right now that the average person finds it difficult to focus, with YouTube, Netflix, Video Games, and any other number of distractions, newspapers are looking to deliver the news in quick bites that are easy to consume so they don’t lose you to the latest episode of Downtown Abbey.

Taking all of this into account, I feel as though newspapers are falling into the same trap as in the past. While the clean and simple “Apple” design is good, it’s only a step in the right direction. True innovation will come when news organizations start taking advantage of the potential of multimedia and the Internet. The capacity to extend beyond simple photos and videos, which are effective, and into the true capabilities of an interactive experience online, I think will solve the issue of short attention spans and get the news out to people in an efficient way.

This is all dependent on a good designer taking the pieces they have and working them into a cohesive and easy-to-use format.

Nick Schmiedicker

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  1. There’s no doubt that digital design offers a world of innovative possibilities, for which I’m duly grateful. That said, after your experience at SND I think you’d likely agree that print can still be exciting and innovative. The key ingredient of innovative design is not pixels, it’s uncommon thinking.

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