Final Thoughts Reflection

At points, reading the Final Thoughts posts was like reading inspirational messages. My favorite quote was, “You won’t become a good designer by never taking chances.” That line captured my attention and seemed to link with advice that other students gave. One student said that good design is innovative. I felt that the two pieces of advice connected because design could not possibly be innovative without someone taking a chance. So that is something I plan to work on this semester. While I know that it takes time to develop into a truly great designer, this advice has at least given me some understanding of what a great designer does. They do not simply imitate what has been done millions of times before, they take inspiration from those things and change it up in a way that produces something terrific. Something that resonates with its audience. I will keep this lesson in mind while creating designs this semester.


Kassie Brabaw

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  1. I’m so glad you learned this, Kassie. Great design must be fresh and delightful. It’s hard to do that by imitating the same old thing.

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