Finally Wired.

After staring at Wired for a few months, I have definitely learned what I like, what works, and what doesn’t. The overall bold look appeals to both men and women. Sticking out starkly from the newsstands, the block inverse flag draws attention to the publication. The inside doesn’t disappoint. With a palette of dark colors, mostly black and white with high colors such as red and yellow, and a lot of inverse color type the overall design in very different from other publications. This characteristic makes the audience want to read it and pick it up every month.

There are some areas that I think could use improvement. One of them in better marking section fronts. As I mentioned in another post I had to search for the beginning of each part. After I realized it was a group of tacky graphics that marked the sections, it stuck in my head of how not to design section fronts. I really think they need something better well designed than this.

The sections themselves were very unique and interesting. In the well section, each story had it’s own feel to match the text. It really made the reader feel the whole package of emotions an article is supposed to make you feel.

The use of photos was also very odd I felt, but fit well with their design strategy. Most of they visuals throughout the publication were illustrations, not photographs. Looking through the ones published I found that their illustrations were much stronger representative to the works then the photos. They didn’t have nearly as much emotional impact as did the illustrations. I didn’t like this. I am a photo person and like to see strong images with the human element in them. But, I guess that is why I don’t subscribe to Wired, it has it’s own group of readership. Ones who are into gadgets and unusual ideas.

I have learned a lot through looking at the different elements in increments throughout this semester. One of the most important is organizational hierarchy. Wired does a great job of making sure the reader follows through the publication in the order it is supposed to be.

Also I like how Wired places ads in their magazine. It is very ordered and expected without too much wasted space or confusion.

Overall I think it is a great publication design wise. I was glad I got to work with an interesting magazine and really learn the ins and outs of it. I feel a lot more confident on my magazine design knowledge than I did before.