FN-The Independent-Photography

The Independent includes at least one photograph (or illustration) in each page. The photos are always related to the story but never run larger than 2/3 of the page (even when there’s a combination of several photos). No photo runs through the whole page. Photos range in sizes in each page, so it’s easy to tell which one the reader should look at first.

The color of photos tends to be dim and low in contrast, and sometimes The Independent also uses black-and-white photos in non-black-and-white pages. Photos are always in rectangular shapes and follow the grids. Circles appear some certain stories that have elements related to the shape, such as for paintings that are originally in circle shape. Silhouettes are only used in promos and sigs. All these efforts make the paper looks very elegant and less “tabloid.”

Most subjects in the paper are not looking directly at the camera, and the paper prefers to use wide and medium shots than close-ups for both portraits and scenes. The Independent seldom puts any word on the photo; the captions and credit lines are always next to them. Photos are arranged independently and never run across onto each other.

Most stories have one or multiple images, and some others, especially briefs and letters to the editor, don’t have any. Even for those that don’t have a picture, they have some visual elements, such as red color, pull quotes and sigs, to make the paper look more visual.

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