FN Words-The Independent

Most headlines in The Independent are long and serious, among some of them are complete sentences. Even if the headline is short, it is still serious, such as using the name of the topic, other than trying to exaggerate. Hammers are seldom used. The tone of the headline appears more like a summary and sometimes raises main controversial points in the story. Subheads are rare. Decks are always used, either above or below the headlines. In some decks, bylines are implanted wisely, using typographic emphasis to highlight the names. For the Voice Section, the author’s name is the headline, as well as the byline. The headlines appear so thoughtful and reliable, not just trying to attract readers but also giving out the essence.

headline headline2 headline3 headline4 headline5 headline6 headline7

The Independent loves pull quotes – they can be found in approximately 1/2 of stories in the newspaper. They are everywhere, so you start to get used to see them and even try to find one in every page when reading. Pull quotes are always quoted by large dramatic quotation marks, and can be seen at first sight. Also because that they are so often and widely used, the pull quotes are not as efficient in attracting attention as it should be. Sometimes the pull quote is more like another deck of the story.

pull quote 2 pull quote 3 pull quote

Captions are always 1-2 sentences in length, stating the content of the picture, or adding content to the picture. The caption is special written, and never appear repeatedly in body text, though the content may be similar.

CAPTIONS captions2

As mentioned above, The Independent sometimes includes the byline in decks, , which is really clever, but it makes the reporter more involved into the story. In opinion articles, it uses the author’s name as the headline. Otherwise, they use a sig or just write the author’s name and position below the headline.

byline byline2 byline3 byline4

Promos and refers are short. The main character’s name is first mentioned in a promo, and then more information of the story – stating in two lines – is given. As the entire style of The Independent, the promos and refers are never newsy. They just give out information, seriously.

promo refer

Section names in The Independent are very straightforward, such as “News,” “Voices,” “World,” “Media,” “Arts,” and “Letters to the Editor.”