Furniture: Field Notes – Alan Taylor Jr

When it comes to Make the Most of Your Time on Earth, the formatted elements in each chapter of the book are pretty much the same. Along with the layout for the front of the sections, the design is constant. The designer decided to used a square rectangle at the right corner of each book at a way to separate the chapters that are about different countries.

If you take a closer look at the images presented below, you’ll notice how there are many different colors. Like I explained earlier, each section of the book is a different color that is used to separates each chapter. The overall approach that the designer took is a unique a creative way to separate the sections. By doing it that way, they the readers can quickly find the chapters that they want.

Another element that is constant throughout the book that is used to distinguish where the beginning of the next section is, is the use of a map of that country. In every chapter, there is a map on the left the shows you the particular place that, that chapter will focus on. If you look below, you see sort of a satellite image of the USA, the Middle East, and Southeast Europe.

Not only does the designer start each section off with pictures of the particular destination, they also start off each section with a letter from a different traveler.

The traveler’s stories that are introduced at the beginning of each chapter is an excellent way to segue into what that section.

In conclusion, the designer did a good job when it came to using different formatted elements as a way to separate each chapter from each other.

Alan Taylor Jr.

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