Gridded News Web Sites- A Time Capsule Sealed Circa. 2008

Just fell upon a blog post listing nicely gridded news sites.
Take a look at how far we’ve come as an industry!

NOT AT ALL!! So disappointing.
Calling the news industry stagnant is an understatement.

Even, looks identical to the screen shot taken in 2008.

But you know who has gotten it right?? You won’t believe it.
TV show sites.

They are exactly what a news bearing website should be, a separate entity from the paper that takes advantage of the interactivity that the web provides and engages the audience in ways that a print publication would never imagine.

Here’s a few great examples:

The History Channel

Remember when your mom or dad came back from Blockbuster Video with a dusty VHS of a Ken Burns documentary on Abe Lincoln? Well this is better.

This month on the tube, the theme is the Civil war and Lincoln’s assignation. Their home page isn’t all that attractive but check out what they have as their first but of featured content:

That’s a flawless UI. (use the keyboard to shoot fireworks)

First page under “how they died.”

Damn. That’s pretty.

Love me some Gotham Ultra.
The interface stays right at the top, which I love.
I’m basically obsessed at this point, not to mention this production value beats the pants of their TV or any printed content I’ve seen lately.

Please take 5-10 minutes to check it out. Well worth it.