the mobile site

This site is as gorgeous as its printed version. It is laid out beautifully on a grid. The biggest strength of the paper and the site is the purposeful use of color. Since the paper is in full color, it wasn’t difficult for the guardian to transfer the same color coded system of organizing content.

The individual section fronts are all one color, which is reflected on the index or home page. One inconsistency is that the site says “” instead of theguardian separated by color.

The most impressive part of the site is the mobile version. In a world where every pixel counts, the mobile site includes the classic nameplate, and the highlights of each section of the paper from the day. It is even more timely than a website because people always have their phones while they might only stop at the home page of a news site once a day. While it is beautifully lain out, it is a bit light on interactive content. There are only a few things on the site that would be exclusive to web and purposefully included to enhance the experience of the visitor.