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In this post, I will talk about the use of images how they are placed throughout the entirety of Make the Most of Your Time on Earth. Since this book is a photo book, it’s very picture heavy. If you flip through each page of this book, you will get a photo that is peculiar to that selection. If you take a look at the images above you can visual see how the producers choose to separate each section with a photo and a caption. With this book being about images from different regions from around the world, it features a photo that best represents that area. If you take a look below, you’ll see that at the beginning of each selection an illustration of that region is featured. By doing that I think that the book’s creators wanted to give people a sense of where each of the regions are.

At the end of each selection, on the “Need to Know” page you’ll notice was the producers choose to put the image in the background. They decided to change the opacity of the picture so that they could overlay text on the top of the image.

When it comes to the pictures below, you can pretty much see a similar technique being used. The author decided to overlay each image with a filled in clear text box. It a route that they used very frequently on each section front. As for whether each image tells a story? Of course. If you are very observant of each photo, you can get a sense of the tone that surrounds that picture.

Make the Most of Your Time on Earth does an excellent job of the placement of their photos. If you take a look at the pictures below on the left and the right, you’ll see how the producers choose position each photo in a unique way. For example, you look at the three images above and the two below paragraph; you can see how the layout for each of the fronts are very different.  Both of the photos featured below are detailed spread layouts. The images they decided to use as the story front are very detailed and great photos. The images below are a great example of how the creators choose to use the photo and title to sort of tell the story of that section.

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