Images – New York Magazine

When it comes to NYM’s use of images – it’s clever yet subdued. The Covers are almost always portraits – but the angles are different than other publications. Most would be a headshot or action photo – not many publications would go this up close and personal.

For Features – it’s usually a few larger images that are not only powerful but wide formatting. Using large pictures that take over half the page or three quarters is an interesting move. Usually, this size is reserved for photo stories. With the landscape aspects of these photos, they help tell the story without repeating what is already said.

When it comes to FOB aspects, smaller pictures placed along certain grids are common and aesthetically pleasing for the reader. Almost always a rectangle, the images are common in FOB and BOB, but for certain features, it seems as though only one or two pictures are used.


When it comes to the composition of the photos  – they seem to leave the photos to speak for themselves. They’re effortlessly beautiful and thought-provoking.