Images of SND

This design caught my attention very quickly. This entry is from the Kristianstabsbladet, a Swedish publication. Not only was it clean, but the the use of photos was very nice too. The way the photos were positioned, they broke the grid but did not break the clean look the many European papers execute. I was really sad to see that it didn’t get any votes for the category of feature design/pages.

I really like the design of this paper, the National from Abu Dhabi. The House and Home section was my favorite out of the many sections that were on display at SND. I liked the clean typefaces used throughout the section the most, and how the grid was very clean. This section itself did not win any awards, but the ones I did really like won a few awards of excellence.

This info graphic from National Geographic was one of my favorite ones in the Charting category. The design was very simple, yet extremely informative. Each city was written in a type size that corresponded to the cost of clean water. Many other the other graphics took a lot of explaining and other explanations in order to understand them, but the simplicity of this really won me over.

Today’s Zamen from Turkey was my absolute favorite paper. I can even go as far as saying the best looking paper I have even picked up. It really surprised me to see that the circulation was only 8,000 people. Not only was the design clean and neat, the leading was had a lot of room, and the grid was really nice. I just wish I could actually read this paper, because the feel of it makes me want to know what all the stories were about.

This paper, the  Die Wochenzeitung, from Switzerland, has the same feel as Today’s Zamen for me. After comparing the two side by side, they even use similar features and grid styles. Clean, neat, easy to read (if it was in English of course) and the placement of pictures is amazing. As you can tell, I am in love with European newspaper design.