Innovation in News Design

So I went back to my good friend Jacek to see what else he has to say about news design. His website is full of great resources when it comes to news design. His latest post is a video about Wired magazine and how it is teaming up with Adobe to create new reading experiences, no matter the platform.

Another interesting post talks about is some current trends in the media business and how newspapers are trying more and more to be like weekly magazines, how weekly magazines are trying to be more like monthly magazines, how monthly magazines are looking more like books, and how in the end, websites should be learning from newspapers. It’s a very interesting read.

VLT, a Swedish daily

RedEye, a Chicago entertainment paper

When I first saw this front page from a Swedish paper I thought it was way too busy and didn’t understand the design concept. When I read that the spread was a cover wrap around, though, it really got me interested. The cover is revolutionary because I have never seen a wrap around cover in the U.S. ever. Also, upon further inspection, the design is cohesive and makes use of all the elements nicely. It’s definitely an attention grabber.

I have to admit, I love Chicago’s RedEye. I think it is consistently one of the most innovative publications out there. This Eclipse cover exemplifies this well. The cover is so simple, yet works so well. It’s a great use of restraint and letting the design speak for itself without overwhelming the audience. Twihards and haters alike would find it hard not to pick this paper up.