Inside the Dallas Morning News

These are two of the main department fronts for the Dallas Morning News. They look very similar and have a lot of the same basic elements. They have a prominent nameplate at the top left corner, color coded, with the DMN nameplate underneath it with a rule in between. They both have main stories that are featured in the middle of the page, with one or two other stories placed at the top. Sports is different in that it usually runs a rail of gamer updates and scores. They both also have a promo at the top right corner of the page. Sports is also a little more relaxed than the Metro section, which you can see in the form of cutouts and more fun headlines.

On the left, is what I think is the news local front. It’s hard to tell, and maybe that is telling of the DMN, but the page sort of acts like a local front with briefs and small elements, but there is no flag or anything across the top of the page to let you know where you are. All of the stories are contained and it hardly looks like any one story is more important than the other. On the right, however, is the business section local front, which I think is much more successful. The section has a flag near the top of the page with a fun title and a nice sig. A columnist takes up the left rail, there is a prominent story that takes up a good size of real estate, while other smaller stories surround it. It definitely is taking cues from the A1 design in that sense.

Here are two different inside pages from the DMN. On the left is the Texas & Southwest inside page, which has a little more than a quarter of space devoted to ads. I’ve noticed that the DMN is really good about stacking ads and making them as unobtrusive as possible. Here, even though the one story on the left didn’t fit within the space next to the ad perfectly, they were able to fit the story on the right in such a way that they just needed to add a little feature picture on top to make the page modular and flow well. It’s actually quite a clever way to fill the page nicely. On the right is the “from the front page” inside page. The DMN doesn’t puts ads on this page, though I find it perplexing why they decided not to use color pictures when they obviously had the option because of their color map. Hardly exciting or innovative, the page has a basic layout with one main story with others nicely squared away.