Journalism & design… duh!

Before having the first News Design class I was thinking I would just audit the course. I wanted to learn the skills and understand better how the visual component of a news publication worked and how it flowed with the journalist’s work. However, I didn’t see myself necessarily using these skills in a real work situation. In my mind I thought only designers got hired for design jobs.

After the first class, I realized how wrong I was. Suddenly, all kinds of doors started to opened in my head. I realized how valuable it will make me as a professional; I won’t be just a journalist with the reporting and writing skills but also with the understanding and abilities to take over design decisions.

I didn’t see myself as a news designer before, and maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself but, if I turn out to be good here, I think could definitely start to see myself that way.

This might be a real game changer.

– Veronica Magan


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