Today’s Newspaper Discussion

After giving today’s discussion on newspapers more thought, I realized one thing that I, personally, do not like that newspapers do. A few of my classmates expressed that they liked how newspapers give a hierarchy of the news. Main/important stories are towards the front of the publication or at the top of the page, and less important stories are towards the back and can even be much smaller.

This is one reason I do not like newspapers. I don’t like “them” telling me what is important or what is not. Who are they to judge what is important for me to read? What if I do not want to know about the upcoming election or what team is going to the Superbowl? Different topics hold various levels of importance to individuals.

It may be the publication’s “job” to tell the news and put it in the order of greatest to least, or most important to least important, but I’d rather my news be more personable. I like having the ability to choose the news I consume. I see newspapers as being sort of another way to “control” us.

Just a thought …



  1. I never thought of it like this. Who actually decides which articles are more important than others? Depending on who decides ( besides breaking news articles) wouldn’t the most important one’s differ?

  2. And I’m really glad you took the time and made the effort to bring this up.

  3. You are not alone, Briana. Any type of story telling and communication is by nature subjective, so I understand your resistance to swallow this up wholesale. I’m sure you realize by now that I also bristle a bit at the notion that editor knows best. The reality of print news, however, is that limited space forces choices, and those choices mean picking and prioritizing. That said, I think there’s an exciting opportunity for you here to design a more palatable approach. I’d love to knock around some ideas with you if you’re interested. I’m really glad you’re in the class. : )

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