Language Field Notes -NYMag

Heds & Deks: The language of the hed’s seem to be 3-5 words long – maybe longer. This is unusual in print – usually, they’re pretty short with longer dek’s. There is also the elegant way of using questions and colons that noramlly seems newsy and over-done, but NYMag handles well. The dek’s are longer pieces, with a bit more meat and creativity behind them.


Intro: The of the stories are also very interesting – sometimes in other publications, this is either too much of the story at once  – finishing the story for before the reader flips the page. NYMag does a good job of setting the scene without giving away the ending.

Pull Quotes: The language of the pull quotes is quite simple but effective. They are used sparingly, most of the time without attribution, with the exception of this example.

Misc. NYmag has these other sections, where they’re a mix of infographics, and listicles – and they do a good job of wording them to perfectly entertain and teach the reader about the topic.



Q&A: The language of the Q&A is professional, yet laid back. I absolutely love how everything the writer says isn’t always a question – but occasional statements. This is so truthful as not every interview is simply question/answer.