Lessons Learned | Jacorey Moon

If you want to learn more about design and what it takes to complete a publication layout, then you’re in the right class. This is a great class that prefaces the work and decisions that designers have to make in order to produce meaningful work. Prof. Strong is the perfect person to help you gain some more knowledge and expertise on design. Given that fact, I have a few pieces of advice that I think will help you in this course.

The advice

  1. USE THE GRID-At first, I truly didn’t know what the grid was or how to use it. In fact, I didn’t truly use it to my benefit until the week before the last week of class. The grid is supposed to act as a guide. You should follow this guide because it allows for the text and photos on pages to look organized and uniform.
  2. TIME MANAGEMENT-This class has a lot of homework that will have to be done at home. Prof. Strong typically uses class time as lecture time, so you HAVE TO WORK ON YOUR PROTOTYPE OUTSIDE OF CLASS. You can not do it overnight. It will show and your defense of your prototype choices won’t be as strong.
  3. UNDERSTAND CRITIQUES-This class revolves around critique. So, you have to be able to separate yourself from your work. Prof. Strong and your classmates want your work to be the best that it can be, so take it lightly and adhere to some of the critiques you’ll be given.

What I learned

  1. I learned that critiques are just that, critiques. People aren’t trying to be mean or nasty with their comments, they’re trying to help.
  2. I learned that designers have a hard job. There are a lot of decisions that are made when it comes to a layout design. This isn’t something that’s a one decision and does kind of thing.
  3. Finally, I learned that design is intentional. There has to be a thought process. Also, I learned that InDesign and Photoshop don’t do the designing, we use the software to help with an already formed idea.