Publication Design is one of the classes I’m most looking forward to this semester. I’m going into this class with my own set of expectations, but being able to read advice from previous students was definitely a helpful way to see what experiences people generally shared while taking the class. Some of the things that stood out to me most were as follows:

Don’t Get Lost In Critique: Critique is an essential part of the design process and allows you to see your designs from someone else’s, typically, less biased perspective. However, it’s important to remember that your designs are your own. Occasionally, you will have to stand up for the design decisions you are passionate about. I’ve had difficulty feeling confident about my designs before so this is something I definitely thought about while reading.

Make Effective Use of Office Hours: A lot of students agreed that office hours are a valuable resource for this class. In previous classes, I haven’t consistently taken advantage of office hours, and, subsequently, have few personal connections with professors. In this class, I aim to change that and believe office hours will be a great way for me to improve as a designer and a student.

The students who have taken this class seem genuinely enthusiastic about their experience and journey in creating their own prototype. I feel that this class is going to a major learning experience for me and I look forward to reflecting on everything I  have learned by the end of the semester.